Just Perfection


Mimi has slayed her dragons…or some of them.



Mimi has slayed her dragons…or some of them. Fresh out of rehab, she finds James and realizes that their relationship is over. Justin’s support has never wavered, and he offers her the lifeline of caring for his infant, Sammy.

Sammy’s mother’s vindictiveness is as steadfast toward Mimi as Justin’s loyalty. Even though Justin has put Delia in his past, she continues her attempts to undermine Mimi’s relationship with Sammy and Justin. Mimi’s heart breaks as she realizes that her past threatens every hope she has for a breathtaking future

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  1. heatheradmin

    By Annie on January 21, 2018
    Kindle Edition
    Heather Guimond, if I could give more than 5 stars, I would give more than a million. I love this story!! Write more like it and I am hooked for life!! Great job!! Love, Love, Love!!

  2. heatheradmin

    By C K on April 21, 2018
    Kindle Edition
    Wow! What a wonderful end to the series! The first book, Shattered Perfection blew me away. This book closes the story perfectly. The intense chemistry of Justin and Mimi is explosive, the ongoing obstacles have been triumphed and these 2 characters are still able to grow with one another and evolve. Kudos to you Heather!

  3. heatheradmin

    By Kindle Customer on December 12, 2017
    Kindle Edition
    I have been fortunate to have read this series from the beginning and I am sad to see it come to an end. Heather has a beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking story to tell over four books. I fell in love with Mimi and all that she has endured over the course of the series, she has become a stronger person for it. Then there is Justin…you can’t get much better than that. His life changes in this book with the arrival of Sammy, and let me just say he stole my heart. Heather does a wonderful job of addressing the struggles the new found family goes through and especially with Sammy’s diagnosis. The writing and storytelling kept me glued to my book, so much I couldn’t put it down. Thank you, Heather, for letting me be a part of this beautiful journey, I will treasure it always.

  4. heatheradmin

    By Book Lovin’ Momma on January 3, 2018
    Kindle Edition
    This has been a painfully beautiful saga from beginning to end. Our Mimi has weathered too many of life’s challenges, and she’s finally back on her feet. But things have changed for her now, including the arrival of Sammy, Justin’s baby. I’ve adored Justin throughout this series, and he’s fighting his own share of battles while trying to adapt to being a new dad. This story has been one long soul-searching path for these characters, and I’m both sad and happy that their story has come to an end. This series has truly been perfection!

  5. heatheradmin

    By Ashlee Turf *Rabid Readers Book Blog*on June 15, 2018
    Kindle Edition
    “Just Perfection”, is the conclusuion of The Perfection Series by Heather Guimond. Following Mimi’s story has been a long road of a bunch of human emotions. The books are wonderfully written and beautifully described worlds. Not to mention all the greatly descriptive lovemaking scenes, steamy and definitely don’t read in front of someone you don’t want to have to explain what you are so into.

    Mimi’s story is frustrating in the last couple books because you are pulling for something that seems like it will never happen. The best thing in her life has been her best friend Justin, her link to her late husband and the man that will always be there for her. She has had many ups and downs in this series, but in this book you are routing for Mimi to get everything she wants and to finally have her happy ending.

    I am not going to give any spoilers this time, but I think no matter what you were expecting you will be happy with the ending.

    If you have read up until now you know how great this series is. If you are reading reviews to figure out if you want to give this series a chance. Please do, you won’t be disappointed with the well rounded, relatable characters.

    Start this series and stick with it. There may be some frustrating situations where you are like come on Mimi, or come on Justin. But eventually, I think you see that everything that they have been through has brought them to an ending, which makes everything worth it.

  6. heatheradmin

    By Bloggers From Down Under on December 31, 2017
    Kindle Edition
    Now that I’ve read (devoured) each book in this series, all I want to do is start over, meet all the characters for the first time, laugh, cry, mourn and cheer them all on once again. But, all good things must come to an end, and I, for one will never look at my own humble life the same way ever again. Heather’s awe-inspiring ability to draw you in from the very first chapter of the very first book, should be applauded and shouted out for the world to sit up and listen. SHE’S FREAKEN AMAZING!!

  7. heatheradmin

    By Kindle Customer on January 6, 2018
    Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    Whoo hoo!! What an ending to a series of books. You had me from the first book and kept me to the end!!! I laughed,cried and screamed with the characters. How one small women could survive the trials of losing her first big love to ending in marriage to her last one. You made each book so great I couldn’t wait to start the next one. I will continue to follow this author and I will read more of her books.

  8. heatheradmin

    By Countrygirl on February 1, 2018
    Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    This has been a great series! I was captivated from the very first book. Each book has taken us deeper into the characters lives and the challenges they faced. The subject matter was hard but handled with grace. The emotions you will experience while reading will keep you coming back for more! It is one heck of a ride and worth every minute you spend on It! One click your copy today. A definite must read.

  9. heatheradmin

    By Sandy H on February 16, 2018
    Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    I absolutely loved this series! Heather takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride through Mimi’s story. I love reading books where you can feel what the characters are going through. This series gives you all the feels!!! Awesome job Heather tackling many difficult topics throughout these four books. Thank you for sharing this fantastic series with us!!

  10. heatheradmin

    By Di O’Brien on February 8, 2018
    Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    From the very first page to the very last, I absolutely loved this series. The road to real, unconditional love is always a very bumpy one, and Mimi’s story, as told here in this awesome series, does not avoid a single bump in that road. Of course, you’ll assume Mimi will eventually find her HEA (that’s no surprise), but you’ll never imagine all the kinds of bumps and adversities that will come her way and how this amazing character will handle everything thrown at her. How much can one person endure and still bounce back? And THAT, readers, is what will have you addicted to this series.

    Mimi’s story is filled with deep emotion, love, and, yes, drama and angst. It’s heartbreaking at times, and you might need to keep the tissues by your side, but in the end, you will smile because the conclusion is nothing but pure “PERFECTION.”

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