Fighting Perfection


Mimi triumphs over life’s devastation and turns to a man who has always been there for her.



Mimi triumphs over life’s devastation and turns to a man who has always been there for her. Could Justin be more than just a friend, or would that destroy everything that has been between them? Before she can decide, she is confronted by James, who seems to have everything she has always wanted. This sexy and compelling pilot sweeps her off her feet and leaves her tempted and confused.

How does she choose? Does she have to? Before she can even take a breath, shocking and sinister events occur that threaten her life. Will she even be alive to find the love that she so desperately craves?

10 reviews for Fighting Perfection

  1. heatheradmin

    By J. Minjares on March 9, 2016
    Format: Kindle Edition
    The 1st book was so sweet, romantic and traumatic; it made me cry. Now the 2nd book also made me cry. This book was more fun, engaging in the dramatic turns of Delia, and of course erotically romantic. I cannot wait for the 3rd!!!

  2. heatheradmin

    By Lorraine Linthicum on May 15, 2017
    Looking for hours of solid entertainment? This tale held my attention till the end. I would definitely recommend Heather’s books.

  3. heatheradmin

    By Christina on March 11, 2016
    Kindle Edition
    Not at all what I was expecting……although I shouldn’t have been surprised after the first book! I was never expecting Mimi to find another man I would love her with as much as her late husband Vance! Not to forget the unexpected love triangle she kinda of unexpectedly gets herself tangled in. I was really trying not to get so invested but I am, it really hard to not pick sides as who Mimi should be with there is no lack of hunky testosterone filled men involved who are always confessing their love for this awesome woman who let’s not forget has been through so much and continues to navigate with not one but these two amazing men by her side. And not only because of the cliffhanger ending but my total infatuation with these characters I can’t wait for the third installment!!!

  4. heatheradmin

    By Erica Leigh on June 19, 2017
    Kindle Edition
    This book was better than the first in the series. I loved how Mimi tries to gain control of her life only to discover so many wonderful obstacles in her path.

    Fast-paced. Good story flow. Read in less than 3 hours.

  5. heatheradmin

    By Kindle Customer on March 30, 2018
    Kindle Edition
    Fighting Perfection is the story of Mimi trying to find her way after Vance. She feels like she can maybe start to live and enjoy life again. While out with her friends she meets James. He seems like a nice guy, but Mimi is wary after what she went through with Vance. I do like James but I will always be rooting for Justin. The story does end on a cliffhanger. Heather writes great characters and makes you want to forget about everything else except the words on the next page.

  6. heatheradmin

    By Cheryl McMahan on June 30, 2017
    Kindle Edition
    Being caught in the middle of two hot, sexy men-at-arms do you choose??? A best friend you love who’s in love with you and the man who truly loves you?? Love this story filled with angst, love, laughter, steamy romance, passion, craziness, it’s pure enjoyment. Can’t wait for book 3.

  7. heatheradmin

    By Tasha on April 2, 2018
    Format: Kindle Edition
    Wow!!! This book is wow!!! Made me feel all of these feelings. This book made me anxious. Omg did it. On the edge of my seat, just watching the words appear before me vividly.

    Awesome book!

    How TF u going to end it like that though

  8. heatheradmin

    By Michelle Gibson Dunklee on June 7, 2018
    Kindle Edition
    Oh my goodness, this book gets your feels every single one of them. I’m utterly intrigued by this story and can not wait to continue in on the next book. Mimi has changed and become a new woman, she finds herself confused between two very good men. I laughed and got teary eyed thru this book multiple times.

  9. heatheradmin

    By Kristina on May 9, 2018
    Kindle Edition
    Once again Heather Guimond did it again. I think she is my favorite Author. Mimi has been through hell and back, I swear. I tear up with the stuff she has been going through then laugh at times at other. And then we have poor Justin going through his own battles with his crazy ex. Oh my Lord, she needs to be in a straight jacket seriously. I just love this series and can’t wait to continue with it.👍 Heather

  10. heatheradmin

    by Bloggers From Down Under on December 10, 2017
    Kindle Edition

    And so Mimi’s story continues……….

    And what a story it is. If this installment doesn’t have you on the edge of your seat, eagerly flipping page after page on your devices, then I have no words.

    While book one was an emotional roller coaster, book two is gritty, nail-biting with moments of “don’t even think about putting it down”. To say I loved everything about this book would be a massive understatement.

    An absolutely fabulous read, which will have you eagerly awaiting the third book in this series, even if it is to see what happens after the cliffhanger ending given in this book.

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