Beautiful Imperfection


As Mimi struggles to recover from injuries, she is alone and depressed when James is sent overseas…



As Mimi struggles to recover from injuries, she is alone and depressed when James is sent overseas. Lost in a world of pain, she finds herself plunged into a drug dependency that leaves her vulnerable to the sordid attentions of a new acquaintance, bad-boy Vince. He pulls her deeper into a life she would never have considered, rejecting all help from the people who love her.

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  1. heatheradmin

    By Countrygirl on January 9, 2018
    Kindle Edition
    This series draws you deeper with each book. Mimi has so much to discover and learn about herself and those closest to her. It is a journey of just how much one can experience, endure and come thru to face something all over again. Just how much are you and your love worth? One click today to see what happens with Mimi! Worth every minute spent reading this book. One click today! I am waiting to read the next book. I hope it is very soon.

  2. heatheradmin

    By L. M. Stewart on September 10, 2016
    Kindle Edition
    Oh my goodness, where do I start? I’ve been with Mimi from the start. My heart broke for her when I read Shattered Perfection, book 1 in the series and I waited nervously reading book 2 to see if she would find a happy ending in the love triangle she found herself in. I wasn’t sure what to expect from book 3 as I wondered where Mimi would go after finding herself falling for James.

    From early on in the book I started to realize that Mimi what going down a path I would never have expected her to and began to get serious palpitations! I experienced so many emotions throughout the book, ranging from feeling sorrow that Mimi (who after three books is almost like a best friend) found herself going down the path to self-destruction, anger at how she treats the people that care for her the most and frustration that she could only focus on herself.

    I’m exhausted after reading this book! It was a book roller coaster of ultimate feels…

    The last few chapters where Mimi sought help and assessed counseling support were so beautifully written that Mimi’s somewhat out of character behavior was explained fantastically well and her journey made complete sense.

    I’m looking forward to the conclusion of Mimi’s story in book 4 and I would highly recommend the series to readers who love a wonderfully written and emotionally driven story with plenty of romance and hot sexy times!

  3. heatheradmin

    By DDFBush on September 9, 2017
    Kindle Edition
    This series kept me on edge the whole time. It was definitely a must read.
    Possible spoilers if you haven’t read the other two!
    Overview: Mimi is recovering from her accident. As she deals with the pain from her injuries, she now has to deal with James being deployed. The combination sends her into a spiral that hits rock bottom and leads to trouble. Ever the constant in her life, Justin is there every step of the way.
    What I loved: all of it. Heather wrote the series in a way that had you feeling like you were there every step of the way. I didn’t want to put the book down.
    Dislikes: nothing. There honestly wasn’t a thing that I didn’t like about this book. I only wish I could have more of what happened at the “end”. I NEED more!!

    Definitely one of my favorite series!

  4. heatheradmin

    Ashlee Turf *Rabid Readers Book Blog*
    June 15, 2018
    Kindle Edition
    This has to be the most frustrating book out of the bunch. For one, I’ve been there done that and this story makes me squirm because I know she is going to regret what she is doing. Two, I hate that she is not with Justin yet. If it were up to me, she would have been with him over James, any day! Three come on JUSTIN! Ok, real talk this series has me begging for Justin and Mimi to be together. I just finished this book a couple minutes ago and yes I am going to start reading the next one after I am done with this review. Oh my gosh, seriously if you haven’t picked up this series, what the heck are you waiting for?

  5. heatheradmin

    By Valerie L. Harridge on July 28, 2018
    Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    Love how this was written. I couldn’t put my tablet down until I knew what was going to happen next.

  6. heatheradmin

    By Polett
    October 1, 2016
    Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    I don’t do romance, but I’ve been following Mimi from creation and I will say that Heather has done an amazing job in each of these books making each story unique while ensuring that the connection is there along the whole series… In this particular story I nearly develop an ulcer from wanting to slap Mimi for her selfish behavior, but as you see the story unfold it absorbs you and makes sense the way she acts (though the itch to smack her gets stronger), you get to not only sympathize with her but look forward to what is coming next her life. I love the roller coaster of emotions and cannot wait to read the next chapter in Mimi’s life.

  7. heatheradmin

    By Tammy Pierce
    June 27, 2017
    Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    This 3rd book in the Perfection Series will touch your heart. Heather Guimond does an excellent job describing what Mimi has to go through to get where she is now. Justin, let’s just say he is my new book boyfriend! This panty melting, sizzling hot romance will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. This is a definite must read series! I can’t wait to read more books by Heather Guimond!!

  8. heatheradmin

    By Sandy H
    February 13, 2018
    Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    “Beautiful Imperfection” is such a critical part of Mimi’s story. At this point, Mimi isn’t making the best choices which lead her to drug addiction. She eventually finds herself in a very vulnerable situation. She calls Justin who comes to her rescue. Mimi finally realizes that her life has spiraled out of control and is able to admit that she’s an addict. That night she admits herself into a treatment facility. This story continues to get better!!

  9. heatheradmin

    By Cristiane-Florida
    July 11, 2017
    Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    I really enjoyed reading this Series. After reading book 1, I didn’t hesitate running to one-click Book 2 even faster book 3. The story is absolutely addictive and the characters get under your skin. You just will want to know what happens next and next and now I miss them. Though there were times I just wanted to shake some senses into Mimi and have always adored Justin. If only I could have someone like him in my life. I particularly LOVED Abe’s performance. One of the best written and thought out parts of book 3. It has touched me and definitely earned a huge reason for my 5-star review. 🙂

  10. heatheradmin

    By Di O’Brien
    October 11, 2016
    Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

    I love this series. Every book, although not a standalone, deals with a different theme, each very good in a different way, and when combined, make for a very interesting journey. I love all the characters, even though I wanted to smack Mimi upside the head when she succumbed to drug addiction. The last few chapters, where Mimi deals with her addiction, as well as her life, is extremely well written and is very insightful.

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