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Author of
"The Perfection Series"

About Heather Guimond

Author – Highly Inappropriate Mom – Lifelong Bibliophile

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Heather Guimond is a Los Angeles native, a fact of which she is abnormally proud. When she’s not trying to write something that will make people laugh while simultaneously ripping their hearts out, she’s either reading or doing her best to crack the whip on her three home-schooled children. She loves all things witty and wise-cracking, as well most varieties of smart-assery (just ask her very own smart-ass, her husband). Other favorites include French roast coffee in copious amounts and the dirtiest Dirty Martinis she can find. More than anything, she hopes that she writes books that stick with the reader long after the pages have been read.

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When the daylight fades and time stands still.
The feeling of flying from just one touch.
Moving slowly, kissing softly.
The flash of fever, becoming lost in the flames.
Surrendering. Going under.
These are the moments that leave us breathless.

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The Moonflower symbolizes dreaming of love. The collection will feature stand-alone books from Heather Guimond, Lexi Hart, Kiersten Modglin, A.C. Williams, Samantha Morgan, Barbra Campbell, Lyssa Cole, and M. Piper.


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Have you ever wondered about your favorite author's love life?

Welcome behind the scenes of your favorite romance books, where authors, editors, personal assistants and cover models bring your fantasies to life. Surely their personal lives are led with the same scorching heat and swoon-worthy moments as their books… Or are they?

The Love Between the Pages series is a set of romantic comedies that brings you up close and personal with the very people who create worlds filled with love, laughter, lust, heartache and happily-ever-afters. You’ll be burning up the pages as you enthusiastically devour each character while they attempt to negotiate the heartfelt, rocky, and sometimes hilarious road of real-life romance.

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A Novel Experience - Love Between the Pages Series
The Novel Approach - Love Between the Pages Series
Quick Dirty Luck - Love Between the Pages Series
Twist Tied - Love Between the Pages Series

A Novel Experience

Free on Amazon

“…my heartstrings are strumming for him. This is a great start to what seems to be a heart throbbing novel.”
-Becky, Amazon Reviewer

Gage Blackstone is known for writing the steamiest romance books in the nation.

His good looks and charisma have landed him in his share of beds. Though he’s never heard a complaint, there’s more to the man than just the next good time.

An unexpected trip home shows him old wounds heal slowly, and loneliness is always just one night away.

Needing something more in his life never becomes more apparent than when he knocks Stacy Sanders off her feet. Literally. It’s a catch-as-you-can world and you never know what the universe has in store.

Will Stacy be the one to snatch him off the market or will it be fizzle instead of sizzle?

Read this free, short prologue about Gage, then dive into the really good stuff with The Novel Approach, when romance’s reigning sex god crashes into the Sweetheart of Sweet Romance.

The Novel Approach

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Sometimes the most novel approach to love comes when we least expect it…

A lot can happen at a book convention, but for a conservative romance author like me, things remained fairly predictable.

Until the unofficial king of smut crashed into my life, leaving sparks— and our luggage flying around us

I had never heard of the illustrious Gage Blackstone, but after two seconds in his presence, my mind was conjuring up scenes that wouldn’t make it into my sweet stories.

He was worldly, gorgeous and his eyes promised naughty things to come. Things I never knew I wanted.

My annoying inner vixen is begging to be set free, but it’s going to take a whole lot of charm, wit, and patience from Gage to convince me hand over control.

There’s also the matter of his “super-fan” standing in the way… how far will she go to keep us from going all the way?

“They are electrifying together, and their story has everything, it’s fun, invigorating, chemistry off the charts and a little suspense to keep you turning the pages. Loved it and can’t wait for what’s next in this series. I highly recommend this book.” -Kindle Reader

This is a book in a series of standalone novels, each with a guaranteed HEA or HFN.

Quick Dirty Luck

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Sometimes with love, you have to play quick and dirty to get lucky…

I knew exactly what I was doing by setting my good-girl romance author image on fire. Becoming Reina Dare, a vixen writer who dominates the erotic fiction genre, is exactly who I was meant to be.

But Kent Kingsley is a distraction I didn’t see coming. It’s a coin-flip whether I want to surrender to his sex appeal or punch him in his perfect, brooding face.

The damaged CEO of a lavish Las Vegas hotel and casino is an overly-confident, cocky playboy whose only romantic ambition is to send his women home with a smile.

The stakes have never been higher and just as my chance to catapult Reina Dare to the top is within my grasp, I risk it all. For him.

Kent makes my blood boil, and my body burn. There is no denying our chemistry is off the charts—in and out of bed. He’s every fantasy I’ve ever had.

He plays dirty, just the way I like it. But is it worth gambling my future for a chance at real love?

I truly enjoyed this story so much. Love these characters and didn’t want this story to end. I give it a big thumbs up to all to read!!! –Goodreads Reviewer

Twist Tied

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Sometimes a fantasy can leave you tangled up in knots…

I’ve spent years devouring steamy stories that have left me fit to be tied. You don’t make it to where I am by shying away from the kinky stuff. As the assistant to one of the top erotica authors, I’ve just about seen it all.

What I didn’t see, was falling for my boss’s top rival. Author Wyatt Chase is a whole new brand of kinky. His dirty imagination, gorgeous face and god-like body make me want to fall at his feet.

But instead, I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse. Life is about to imitate art, in the most primal of ways.

I’m looking for the Marquis de Sade, not some kinky fraud, so fingers crossed (and legs uncrossed), he’s the real deal.

His readers think they know him from his stories, turns out they weren’t even close.

I’m a sassy girl tying to submit to a man who can barely tie a necktie, but there is no denying the chemistry is five stars.

Something is bound to unravel…

Twist Tied is a captivating read that will have you laughing at Clarissa and Wyatt’s antics one minute and shaking your head in awe at their audacity the next … making this a story to remember! This latest addition to the Love Between the Pages Series is one not to be missed! –Goodreads review

Do you like Romance with a twist?

Twenty-five-year-old Mimi Bishop has it all: a good career, good friends, and a decent dating life. She’s single and content, but the day she meets Vance Ashcroft her life explodes into living color. She’s powerfully drawn to the handsome attorney instantly. From happy to idyllic, Mimi’s relationship with Vance is a dream come true. Until it’s not.

The Perfection Series chronicles Mimi’s journey to everlasting love over four volumes. It’s filled with unbelievable ups and downs, trials and tribulations, temptations and consequences, each guaranteed to have you turning one page after another as you experience the intense feeling in these extremely emotional reads.

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Shattered Perfection
Fighting Perfection
Beautiful imperfection
Just Perfection
Chasing Perfection

Shattered Perfection

Mimi Bishop found the man of her dreams when she met Vance Ashcroft in a chance encounter. During their whirlwind courtship, they learn they share a sparkling and dynamic chemistry, filled with humor, happiness, and steamy sensuality. Their relationship is effortless and blossoms into a passionate love. Soon Mimi is living her happily ever after with Vance as his wife until his behavior mysteriously begins to change.

Vance grows cold, then hostile, finally becoming violent one fateful night. Her perfect life completely falls apart and her heart is shattered. As Mimi attempts to move on with a life that doesn’t include Vance, powerful memories of their love haunt her. Just when she thinks she can put her life back together, she learns a devastating secret that will change everything.

Fighting Perfection

Mimi triumphs over life’s devastation and turns to a man who has always been there for her. Could Justin be more than just a friend, or would that destroy everything that has been between them? Before she can decide, she is confronted by James, who seems to have everything she has always wanted. This sexy and compelling pilot sweeps her off her feet and leaves her tempted and confused.

How does she choose? Does she have to? Before she can even take a breath, shocking and sinister events occur that threaten her life. Will she even be alive to find the love that she so desperately craves?

Beautiful Imperfection

As Mimi struggles to recover from injuries, she is alone and depressed when James is sent overseas. Lost in a world of pain, she finds herself plunged into a drug dependency that leaves her vulnerable to the sordid attentions of a new acquaintance, bad-boy Vince. He pulls her deeper into a life she would never have considered, rejecting all help from the people who love her.

Just Perfection

Mimi has slayed her dragons…or some of them. Fresh out of rehab, she finds James and realizes that their relationship is over. Justin’s support has never wavered, and he offers her the lifeline of caring for his infant, Sammy.

Sammy’s mother’s vindictiveness is as steadfast toward Mimi as Justin’s loyalty. Even though Justin has put Delia in his past, she continues her attempts to undermine Mimi’s relationship with Sammy and Justin. Mimi’s heart breaks as she realizes that her past threatens every hope she has for a breathtaking future.

Chasing Perfection

You’ve followed Mimi on her journey to true love… but how well do you know Justin Sever?

Getting your ass kicked in the fourth grade is practically a rite of passage but finding your best friend when he saves you from the bully is divine intervention. I couldn’t ask for a better friend than Vance Ashcroft. He saw me through the ups and downs of adolescence, and I was there for him.

We were a team.

Every guy falls in love, eventually. I didn’t just fall, I dove in head first. Elise was my world, my universe. Everyone adored her but watching her life spiral into the depths of despair devastated me. I tried to catch her, to fix things, but I failed.

When my own life tumbled toward the same abyss, Vance was there to pull me back. I owe the man my life.

So, how is it that I’m falling for my best friend’s girl?