Daryn Rayne
Author of
"Cage Master"

About Daryn Rayne

Southern Belle – Potty Mouth – The voice in Heather’s head

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I am a former fashion model-turned writer but my dreams of fame and fortune on the catwalk were suddenly dashed when I fell flat on my face during a big show. Ashamed and hobbled, I released all my frustrations into a collection of poetry called “Songs from my Poor Broken A$$” Ever since there has been no stopping me in the literary world. I am bent on total world domination but enjoy a glass of wine and a cookie… sometimes.

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In Daryn's own words:

If you have a dream, don’t give up on it. If it is something you think about constantly, do it! Don’t give up just because you’ve failed, don’t give up just because it’s hard. The hardest things are worth it!


I am a beast. I dominate every aspect of my life. The CAGE, my training, my women. I haven’t lost a fight yet, and I’m not about to start now. When this little bird flies into my life… I’m more determined than ever to take home the prize. I will MASTER this little bird and she will be mine.


I’m strong, fierce, independent. My entire life I’ve fought against the constraints my family held me in, finally striking out on my own. I need someone who can MASTER my body, bring me to my knees, while setting my soul free. Is it possible I’ve finally found him? Could true love and domination really come from a simple friend request? Or will he be just another gilded CAGE?



She claimed me. The hazel hue of her eyes grabbed me like a mythical siren, pulling me in and captivating me, only to let me know she was out of my league. I hoped my pull toward her would wane, proving to be an infatuation. Finally, realizing whatever this is, it’s more than a fleeting thought, I’ve made up my mind. I’ve waited long enough. Tonight I will claim her. Fuck her husband. She is mine.


I walk toward the door, anxiety swirling through my stomach, anticipation thrumming through my veins as I approach. Unable to think of anything but him, I found myself at the front door of his club as if drawn by an inexplicable force. The mere thought of seeing him sets me alight with chills. It’s as if my body is searching for its master. With a single touch, he branded me and doesn’t even know it