Heather Rayne - Romance Book
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Heather Guimond
Everyday situations, life experiences, some story I've heard, usually. If something makes me actually "feel" something, chances are I will start thinking about how I can turn it into a book.
What inspires Heather to write?
Daryn Rayne
Everything! A dream that sticks with me. A random conversation that spurs an idea. A thought or emotion from a song. A story that forms in my head from a tattoo I see. I have no rhyme or reason to where my ideas come from. Just that they pop up.
What inspires Daryn to write?

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Hell-bent on world domination… After coffee

Welcome to our very own space! We are two crazy, overly caffeinated, under-intoxicated flovers who enjoy fine vodka and wine and are taking the literary world by storm one word at a time. Together we make up Heather Rayne.

We can’t wait to share our collaborations with y’all!

All our Flove,

Flovers and Lovers Series!

Available viaOctober 9, 2018

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Fireball and Fiascos by Heather Rayne - Flovers and Lovers Series

Fireball and Fiascos

Denae: I used to have a ten-year plan. After my disastrous marriage ended in mere weeks, I hit the reset button on my life. Now I’m living only for the moment with my only responsibility being a top-level assistant at a high-end fashion magazine. I have zero expectations and I like it that way. Until I meet HIM. Zane Lawrence. A sexy private investigator who moonlights as a bartender at the new Martini bar in town. Now if I can just get through one meeting with him without falling flat on my face, I might fall in love instead.

Zane: When this gorgeous brunette bellied up to my bar asking for shots of Fireball on a Wednesday night, I was intrigued. She was sexy, funny and seemed like the total package, until she broke her heel and came crashing down on my bar. I’m afraid a date with her might require a helmet and pads just to survive the night.

What happens when a hapless, accident-prone woman sets out to win the man of her dreams?

This book may cause uncontrollable laughter, pants-wetting and labored breathing. Public reading should be endeavored with caution

The beginning intro of this story hooked me right away. What a way to start a friendship between adventurous Denae and full-of-life Harper… If you enjoy funny banter, laugh out loud moments, and a surprise ending then I recommend starting this series.

Betty Shreffler

Amazon best seller author

This book made the genre of “Romance” appealing to me! I’ve NEVER been a fan of the mushy-mushy stuff, but mushy-mushy with a shot of hilarious does the trick. I want more!

Valentina D

Reader, Dirty and Flirty Harlots

Just finished the ARC and loved it! These women are feisty and hilarious. Although I did want to slap Harper a couple times. Spin and Zane are awesome together. Looking forward to the next one!

Raelene Smith

ARC Reader, Goodreads

Who did it?


The “Dirty” One: Claims to be a former fashion model-turned writer whose dreams of fame and fortune on the catwalk were dashed after falling flat on her face during a big show. She is bent on total world domination “Find out more”

The “Flirty” One: Claims to be a Los Angeles native who spends unlawful amounts of time “writing something that will make people laugh while simultaneously ripping their hearts out”. “Find out more”

Flovers and Lovers Police Department









Heather Rayne

The Dirty One & The Flirty One

Just perfect

You are kidding, right?

Some say green, others claim hazel

Blonde, brunette, does it really matter?

Nona’ your business if you want to live to tell

Proceed with Caution!

Both, the “Dirty” one, and the “Flirty” one are known to cause their followers’ uncontrollable laughter, labored breathing and unexpected “pants-wetting” moments. They thrive on writing outrageous works in the genre of romantic comedy, have been known to compulsively attend all kinds of author events, harassing cover models and handing out suspicious items that we believe may contribute to the “pants-wetting” moments reported.

It is advised that you proceed with caution as Heather Rayne has the ability to make others lose their inhibitions and let themselves give into absolute laughter, delight and a greedy need to read more of their works.